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SSwitching to Another GraphQL Client in RedwoodJS

2021-01-184 Min Read — In RedwoodJS

RedwoodJS ships with Apollo Client as its default GraphQL client. With the 0.22.0 release of Redwood it's now possible to use another GraphQL client if you want. The key is the new component where you can plug in whatever and hooks you want, as…

RRedwood Pagination Tutorial

2020-09-155 Min Read — In RedwoodJS

This tutorial will show you one way to implement pagination in an app built using RedwoodJS. It builds ontop of the official RedwoodJS tutorial and I'll assume you have a folder with the code from the tutorial that you can continue working on. (If…

RRunning specific tests in RedwoodJS core

2020-06-212 Min Read — In RedwoodJS

Running the test suite for the RedwoodJS Framework is pretty straighforward. followed by is all that's needed. You will probably see some warnings about missing peer dependencies when installing, but those can safely be ignored. Running all the…