Getting something new and fresh up

Getting something new and fresh up

After having my old page, which was pretty much nothing, I found myself wanting to have a proper blog here. So I went from this

Screenshot of how my webpage used to look, with just a link to tetris

to what you see here right now. Quite the improvement, if I may say so myself!

For nostalgia's sake, I'll include that same link to Tetris right here. Play Tetris

So, what should I do with this new blog of mine? The idea is like most every other blog on the Internet to just have a braindump. Whenever I find something interesting, or make something worth sharing, I will put it here. The first thing I want to share is how I got this page to where it is right now. So that will be my next blog post. Other ideas I have for the future is to write "addons" or "extensions" or whatever you want to call them, to the main RedwoodJS tutorial. Something that picks up where that tutorial ends.